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Our Services

Cycle Time Analysis

We analyze current Cycle Time Performance to determine demonstrated asset capability. We then compare this with design or benchmark capability to determine areas for improvement and develop a plan to close the gaps.

Margin Velocity

Make informed decisions about pricing, price promotion strategy and margin structure within you organization.

Demand Characterization | Product & Customer Patterns

When you struggle to make supply chain decisions based on inaccurate manufacturing demand forecasting, the variability of the product demand, and unknowns in the supply chain, we partner with you to help solve these issues through advanced analytics and tools.

Energy Intensity Analysis

In today's conditions, energy efficiency is valuable. We have a holistic viewpoint and offer solutions from the shop floor to the process to the utility that can help you reduce costs and stay competitive.

Reliability Improvement

We can partner to improve reliability performance quickly with our Strikeforce process or more strategically by implementing our Bottom Up Maintenance Transformation which focuses on three steps: 1) executing work precision and efficiency, 2) always executing the most profitable job scope, and 3) always implementing the most profitable asset strategies.

Planning | Scheduling Modeling

The complexity of scheduling requires efficient representation and solution methods for the underlying problems. We partner with you to create Excel models of your production process to help streamline the schedule and create a more robust schedule tied to economics.

Custom Application Transformation

Sometimes the out-of-the-box solutions you're looking into simply do not work. We work with you to transform you current models in any format to transform them into robust online applications that take your business to the next level.

Cultural Transformation

Implementing change without changing the culture is not sustainable. For effective change, you must influence the hearts and minds of all involved so that they believe the change will improve their lives.  We offer this important part of the overall change process to ensure long term success.

AI Strategy

Leverage the computer's comparative advantage to assist you with the mundane tasks and let you focus on what matters. The AI will bring you insights from your company's data that were previously invisible to the human eye.

AI & Machine Learning Development & Engineering

We specialize in injecting your existing applications and processes with Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning in order to increase your capabilities and gain unprecedented value.

Time Series Forecasting

We help you separate the signal from the noise to allow you to get clarity and make intelligent forecasts to get you through uncertainty.

Data Analysis

With your data, we help you find insights and allow your data to 'speak' to you to make sense of it and help you make informed critical decisions.

Data Engineering

Our team will partner with you to design, build, and manage big data infrastructures with a focus on keeping the data clean and able to be used for reporting, analytics, and keeping data processing systems running efficiently.

Data Integration

If it's a database, we can connect to it. We build custom tools to allow for a more robust connected ecosystem.

Data Visualization

From dashboards to data playgrounds powered by Tableau, we partner with you to build visualizations that run on existing ecosystems such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau to a customized solution.

Data Strategy

We help you look for ways to utilize your existing data to create value and bring insights. Think of "your data as an asset"  working for you to bring value and opportunities to your organization.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

When we partner with clients, our focus is to utilize existing tools that bring more value to existing processes.

We create and build custom solutions to address your specific needs that easily integrate into your ecosystem.

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