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Our products range from advanced anomaly detection to business risk management to nonwovens smart scheduling.

VisiblePlant | Monitoring & Diagnostics for Equipment & Processes

Automated Anomaly Detection is broadly monitoring assets in a unit or process using process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, and vibration in computer models that continuously evaluate real-time performance against past performance and/or design expectations by applying artificial intelligence and continuous learning.


Top Business Risk | Risk Transparency to Empower Contribution

People on average forget 56% of what they hear within one hour, 66% within one day, and 75% within one week; no wonder we forget the big things. TopBusinessRisk is designed to capture Top Risks, expose them, and make the "big things" transparent to the organization so that all can contribute.


FiberTrak | Artificially Intelligent Nonwoven Fabric Scheduling Tool

Our signature AI-based nonwovens production planning and scheduling tool is built to assist planners and schedulers handle more with less. It has built-in optimization for slitting, forecasting, production loss accounting, and more. It also comes with a self-scheduling mode does the mundane tasks for planners and schedulers to let them focus on what matters most.


Bottom line: This will increase your yields and decrease your costs.

FiberTrak on Blue Square.png

CloudMap | Intelligent & Automated FMEAs & RCAs

The evolution of FMEAs & RCAs turned into a social experiment to share knowledge and improve the industry. Join the online community of The Interested to help each other achieve the impossible.

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